If you are considering hiring a hardworking and effective real estate team for your listing, Patti Boe would be a good choice. From beginning to end, Patti and her assistants maintained an active schedule of open houses and showings. She and her team were competent, courteous, and communicated the status of showings and negotiations. The purchase documents were handled accurately and efficiently. And, we received a good price for our home of nine years.

– Bart & Priscilla Codiga


Patti and her very capable team, Ashley and Stephanie kept our “stress levels” abated during the sale of our house in Santa Cruz, California…in an unpredictable down market and with our simultaneous move out-of-state they worked hard for our benefit. They kept the sale together and worked out all the details for us…they couldn’t have made it easier for us and we greatly appreciate all their care and hard work. We unconditionally recommend Patt Boe at American Dream Realty…whether you are buying or selling a property, Patti and her team are who you want working hard for you.

– Denise and Mike Tyng Whidbey Island, WA


I welcome the opportunity to offer my very highest recommendation regarding Patti Boe, not only as a Santa Cruz realtor with the very best knowledge, reputation and track record assisting in the sale and purchase of property of all types, but also as a very thoughtful and outgoing individual who is very personable, easy to work with, takes initiative and communicates well – all of which are essential attributes for any successful realtor. Patti demonstrated exceptional professionalism & thoroughness as both the listing and selling agent in assisting me with the very difficult circumstances of my recent purchase of a special, high end property in the SC Yacht Harbor. She deeply impressed me with her knowledge and spot-on recommendations for all phases of the process and she made it go smoothly. I still marvel at how thorough, helpful and thoughtful she was with that transaction. I am the long-time owner of two other properties on 9th Ave. in the Yacht Harbor a couple of blocks from the beach, and I am planning to sell one of them within the next year or so. When I do list it for sale, I wouldn’t even consider listing with any other realtor but her. She has absolutely no peer among other realtors in the Santa Cruz area, and I am confident that her huge network of friends, potential clients, and other business professionals, along with her exceptional marketing skills, will be invaluable in successfully marketing my property. I kid her all the time about her well-earned reputation as the “Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor Realtor Diva”, but I really do mean it. She is the best realtor I have ever worked with in over 50 years of experience in buying and selling a number of properties. If anyone interested in this recommendation would like to speak to me personally regarding it, please feel free to just give me a call on my cell phone 650-823-4350 and I’d be happy to discuss it further.

– Jerry Thomas


I have been in the real estate development and investment business since February, 1960, and by my accounting that is over 50 years. During this time, I have been very actively involved in many development and investment properties . and properties. By any reasonable standards, I feel that I would be considered as being very active in the real estate development and investment business and a good judge of what outstanding service might be. As anyone might imagine over all these years, I have dealt many different real estate agents in many different municipalities and in several states. j I am writing this letter of recommendation out of appreciation for the outstanding service Patti has given me. I first met Patti a few days after the 1989 earthquake when the sales in my 27 lot residential came to a screeching halt. All 27 homes were almost finished and the 3 model homes were fully decorated. My homes did not suffer any earthquake damage because I had over excavated each foundation and used pier and grade beam method of construction. All of my presales all cancelled their purchase contracts. As anyone would recall the housing sale market just died for approx 18 months after the earthquake. Patti was referred to me by a friend of mine as someone that understood how to market properties in good and bad times. Right after the 1989 earthquake by any standards was a bad time for a homebuilder with finished homes. Patti counseled me to lower my prices slightly and she instituted an aggressive home trade-in program because people that wanted a new home couIdn’t sell theirs. This marketing program coupled with her many other marketing skills resulted is her being able to sell all of my homes in just a few months while all of the other homebuilders in the area sat on their unsold inventory with most of them losing their projects back to the banks. As a result of her success on my 1989 project I have employed Patti’s excellent services for all of my real estate needs in Santa Cruz County. Since 1989 I have referred many of my friends and business associates to Patti and all of them have given her raving reviews regarding her service during the sale and the all important service long after the sale was completed. Patti brings to the table a totally different approach to the marketing process. She does not just install a “For Sale Sign” on ones property and just wait for someone to call. She willingly holds open houses and applies her wide range of high tech sen/ices too her marketing programs. Aside for her marketing skills and being one of if not the most successful realtors in Santa Cruz County she always finds time to a great deal of community service, I have been involved in approx 5,000 escrows in my many years in the business and I do business in California, Washington, Arizona, Texas and the Big Island of Hawaii. I wish I could find a Patti Boe in every location I choose to do business in. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding this letter at you convenience.

– Ronald M. Tate


I have known Patti Boe for 25 years, both as a friend and a businesswoman. Patti is enthusiastic and hardworking and always brings all her energy to any endeavor. Patti helped sell our Santa Cruz beachfront home, a complicated undertaking that she made easy and smooth for us. She also found us a new home to purchase and negotiated a deal that made all parties feel like they had gotten a fair shake. I am blessed to know Patti and am inspired by her passion for life and work.

– Peggy Townsend


I have known Patti for over 30 years. It is my pleasure to provide a personal and business recommendation for her. I have lived and worked in the Santa Cruz community for 40 years. I was the Port Director of Santa Cruz Port District for 35 years. The harbor is a sprawling 90 acre complex which has 1200 boat berths, and 50 on campus businesses, including 5 major restaurants. Additionally the harbor adjoins 5 different neighborhoods along its’ 2 mile perimeter. The harbor is the dominant feature of the Seabright area of the city. During my tenure at the harbor I had many occasions to interact with Patti on real estate and commercial business matters both on and adjacent to the harbor proper. Patti always took the time to understand the harbor relationship to her project. I always found Patti to be positive, creative, and fully prepared for the matter at hand. She was exceptionally skilled at finding
a win-win conclusion for all parties. Patti is one of the most successful Real Estate agents in the county. It is not surprising in view of her work ethic, her winning personality, and her legion of friends and clients.

As I understand it, the project that she is currently working on involves a plan development of three houses at Moran Lake. This is just the kind of complex, multi-faceted project that Patti excels in, a project where the developer, the neighbors and the regulatory agencies would all come out with a positive result.

– Brian E. Foss


As a long time resident, 66 years, of the greater Santa Cruz area, I have come to know many good people and businesses. My grand parents, Jack & Mabel Macdonald, moved here from New Jersey in 1900. My uncle, Brad Macdonald, founded the Shadowbrook Restaurant and later the SABA Restaurant in Capitola. He was instrumental in developing the Begonia Festival as a way to extend the summer commercial season in Capitola as well as being a very visible member of the Santa Cruz Board of Realtors for many years. Both my father, John Macdonald, and myself, have been Real Estate brokers in Capitola & Santa Cruz County, owning Macdonald Realtors until his retirement in the late 1980’s. As a consequence, I have done business with many people in this area through my real estate contacts and through my own business of 24 years, the Vitamin Center in Capitola. www.goaskjack.com

When it comes to matters related to real estate, I have found Patti Boe to be extremely hard working, diligent and to have great integrity in how she does business. I have availed myself of her services & expertise and was quite pleased with the process and results. I have a high level of expectations when paying for goods and services, and Patti didn’t let me down. She is my go to person in such matters. I, like her, take pride in our service to our customers, and the community, and when in need or looking for resources she also has extensive contacts. I can say in all sincerity, she will do her best for you and her best is very good.

– Jack Macdonald, Vitamin Center


We originally started talking with Patti Boe and her team in mid 2010 about the potential sale of the 55 residential condominium units located at the Project.

At the time we were negotiating with the City of Capitola to amend the original approval conditions of the Project to allow the units to be leased in the short to medium term in conjunction with selling the Project on a phased basis. During this process Patti attended each relevant City Council meeting and also held separate discussions with the council members to lobby the benefits of our proposed strategy (better for public safety, local business, and the city “Beach Culture”). With the help of Patti and her team, we were finally successful in December 2010 in obtaining approval from the City of Capitola to implement a lease / sale strategy.

In order to effectively sell the units in phases, we went back to the California Department of Real Estate (“DRE”) during 2011 to obtain approval of four (4) separate legal phases at the Project. Patti and her team continued to work with us during this process, all the while devoting their time, energy, and creativity until early 2012 when the first DRE phase was approved, allowing contracts to be signed and closings to begin. Thanks to Patti and her team’s devotion to the Project and consistent efforts, we closed the 55th and final unit in the Project in June 2014.

During the past four (4) years we have developed a strong working relationship with
Patti and her team. Without a local office in Capitola and being situated in Seattle, Washington, Patti and her team made our selling experience very comfortable knowing the Project was in good hands with local knowledge. From our experience we have come to know that Patti and her team are well connected in the community both socially and politically with close local friends and family ties.

Macquarie Capitola Villas Inc. is not an authorised deposit-taking institution for the purposes of the Banking Act 1959 (Commonwealth of Australia), and its obligations do not represent deposits or other liabilities of Macquarie Bank Limited ABN 46 008 583 542. Macquarie Bank Limited does not guarantee or otherwise provide assurance in respect of the obligations of Macquarie Capitola Villas Inc.

The entire team was committed to selling the Project and demonstrated patience during the lengthy DRE process. The team’s knowledge of the local and state development and sales process made selling and closing units a well organized exercise. The marketing and advertising programme was well conducted with consistency and regular creative ideas to keep the material fresh.

We would recommend Patti Boe and her team to list and sell your property. Based on our experience, we know the team would represent your project with expertise, local knowledge, honesty, and always have your best interests in mind.

– Robert Barnes, Macquarie Capitola Villas Inc.


Our experience with Patti and her staff has been outstanding without exception. I commend Patti to you as a broker of long experience, knowledge and skill. I commend Patti too as an individual who exhibits the highest personal integrity and client loyalty. I first met Patti a decade ago when I called on a listing she had for two adjoining vacant lots on E. Cliff Drive that her clients had recently subdivided. From our very first meeting, Patti exhibited the highest level of professionalism. She negotiated congenially but firmly on behalf of her clients. She was always quick to return my phone calls and to provide me all of the documentation and reports I requested. After we closed escrow, Patti continued to assist us in the construction of the two homes by connecting us with construction professionals she knew from her expansive network of contacts formed over 20+ years working in the community. When we completed the two homes, Patti secured us a buyer for one of the homes and we lived in the other until 2012 when she – in a very difficult market – sold our home. We have been extremely satisfied in all of our dealings with Patti and her staff. It is our opinion that she and her firm are the best choice for sellers and buyers in the Santa Cruz area.

– Steve White 


My name is Jesse Nickell. I am a Senior Vice President for Barry Swenson Builder. My wife Christine and I have known Patti Boe for almost 4 years. Our experience with Patti and her staff has been outstanding without exception. I would recommend Patti to you as a broker for her experience, knowledge and skill. Patti exhibits integrity and client loyalty. I first heard of Patti nearly two decades ago when she worked with Developer Bill Brooks, she had a listing for one of his single family developments. From our very first meeting Patti exhibited the highest level of professionalism. She is a positive person and laways seems to get her listings sold.

– Jesse L. Nickell III, Senior Vice President,
Barry Swenson Builder