Ed Gerety

Ed GeretyEd Gerety helps his clients make effective decisions that have a positive impact and help them stay on track to reach their financial goals. He knows that homebuyers are dealing with major, often stressful financial decisions. Ed listens to his clients in order to understand what they care about most. He utilizes his expertise in real estate financing, coupled with his understanding of each client’s situation, to show them the impact of different financing choices.

Ed has been a Mortgage Advisor in Santa Cruz County for more than 20 years. He has helped his clients through many complex situations to successfully secure appropriate financing for their first homes, vacation homes and investment properties. His expertise is in communicating complex information in an understandable way so that his clients can make informed choices.

Ed earned his MBA from Santa Clara University, graduating third in a class of 124 students. He works with a high degree of ethics and responsibility for each of his clients’ transactions. His reputation is one of credibility, professionalism and honesty.